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20-25% fat reduction

CoolSculpting Medical Clinic in Singapore


Why do

CoolSculpting with
Halley Medical Aesthetics?


Treat four areas at the same time to reduce treatment time.


 Doctor monitored and managed treatments.


Therapists and consultants are CoolSculpting University-trained.

Original CoolSculpting equipment

We have the CoolSculpting Certificate of Authenticity.


We are a “CoolSculpting Club 2000 member” for having done 2,000 treatments in a year.


Research shows that CoolSculpting removes 20-25% of fat cells in the treated area each time.

Planning and preparation

With a full-range of CoolSculpting applicators and templates available, our doctor and consultant take time to plan and prepare for your treatment.


We do more than CoolSculpting. Complete your body makeover with our weight loss, skin tightening, muscle toning, and other fat reduction treatments.

What is


CoolSculpting® is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) for fat reduction. Fat reduction sculpts and contours your body. It shapes your body, so that your clothes will fit and look better on you.

CoolSculpting is for people who do not want invasive fat-removal surgery. It is a no downtime, non-invasive treatment that uses cryolipolysis or cooling temperature to remove unwanted body fat.

How does

it work?

CoolSculpting targets only fat cells. It uses cryolipolysis to freeze and destroy unwanted fat cells, which are then disposed from the body naturally. Body fat which is removed with this method is eliminated for the long-term.

Is it


The treatment removes 20-25% of fat cells in the treated area each time! Since our body is unable to produce any new fat cells after five years of age, the fat cells that die after fat freezing are removed from the body naturally, and you’d never have to worry about them again. Contrary to popular belief, spot toning exercises like sit-ups and crunches cannot remove stubborn body fat in one specific area.

Why is


With customised treatment plans and proper planning, CoolSculpting can be an effective fat reduction treatment. Halley Medical Aesthetics is a certified CoolSculpting clinic in Singapore that uses authentic CoolSculpting machines and applicators. Our doctors personalise every CoolSculpting treatment for each patient for optimal fat loss results.

Halley Medical Aesthetics is a clinic that is a member of Allergan’s CoolSculpting Club 1,000 and Club 2,000, and our Medical Director, Dr. Terence Tan, has been on various regional and global CoolSculpting Advisory boards.

certified coolsculpting clinic singapore
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*Actual duration may vary depending on treatment areas and applicators prescribed.

What is


QuadSculpting uses four CoolSculpting devices at the same time to treat four non-overlapping problematic areas. Treatment time is reduced by up to 85% with QuadSculpting.*

Which body areas


Thanks to the versatility offered by the CoolSculpting family of applicators, you can target all kinds of stubborn spots, freeze the fat, lose it, and never see it again. 

Areas that can be treated with CoolSculpting include the:

  • Abdomen
  • Flank or “love handles”
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • "Banana rolls" (the pocket of fat just below our buttocks)
  • Arms
  • Back

It can also treat hard-to-reach-areas like the:

  • Chin
  • Knees
  • Bra Fat

Why are there


The CoolSculpting applicators come in different sizes, allowing the doctor to treat many problematic areas on the body, even hard-to-reach areas:

CoolAdvantage Petite

The CoolAdvantage Petite is created to treat the unique shape of the upper arm area, which has always been one of the most challenging areas for fat reduction.


The CoolMini is designed to treat smaller pockets of fat, including the submental or chin fat area. This area is commonly referred to as the double chin. Due to the smaller applicator head, it can also be used to target stubborn knee fat and bra fat at the armpit areas.

CoolAdvantage and CoolAdvantage Plus

CoolAdvantage and CoolAdvantage Plus increases patient comfort, treats a larger area, and reduces treatment time by half. They treat areas traditionally covered by the CoolCurve+, CoolFit, and CoolCore applicators.

CoolCurve+, CoolCore, CoolMax,
and CoolFit

CoolCurve+, CoolCore, CoolMax, and CoolFit target the love handles, back or bra fat, abdomen, butt cheeks, and inner thighs.


CoolSmooth is for non-pinchable areas like the abdomen and flanks while the CoolSmooth Pro is a surface applicator for outer thighs.


At Halley Medical Aesthetics, everything we do is a labour of love. We help you uncover your beauty – both inside and out – with the use of medical aesthetic tools and techniques that are safe, medically-proven, and effective. Our non- and minimally-invasive medical aesthetic treatments focus on face rejuvenation, face lifting and contouring, acne and acne scar treatment, and tattoo and hair removal.

Halley Medical Aesthetics also offers body treatments dedicated to weight management, fat reduction, body firming, and muscle toning through our sister clinic – Halley Body Slimming Clinic.

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The price for CoolSculpting treatments varies depending on your areas of concern, your desired result, which then determines the number of cycles/applicators needed. We recommend that you make an appointment to consult a doctor, who will conduct a body analysis before prescribing you a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

The doctor or CoolSculpting consultant will first mark the area that requires treatment using a CoolSculpting template. This ensures the accurate placement of the CoolSculpting applicators. All drawings are checked and approved by the doctor before treatment begins.

Gel pads are then applied to protect the skin during treatment. Once the treatment cycle is complete, a massage will be done to the treated area. This helps break down the crystallised dead fat cells, which will be passed out by the body naturally.

You can also speed up the removal of the dead fat cells with Halley’s “X-Wave Fat Crusher” add-on treatment. The targeted vibration of the X-Wave device after your CoolSculpting treatment also breaks up and loosens cellulite, smoothening the uneven appearance of the skin.

For an even more aesthetically attractive result, pair fat reduction with our Exilis skin tightening treatment to achieve a firm and sculpted body.

You will first feel a suction followed by a cold sensation. That feeling will soon go away and the treatment area will feel numb. You can read a book, surf the Internet, or even take a nap during treatment!

You may experience some tenderness, redness, or numbness in the areas treated, but that will resolve after a few days to one to two weeks. You may return to your normal daily routine after treatment.
Results are optimal three months after treatment.

Halley Slimming Booklet

and Slimming Library

The Halley Slimming Booklet is a project by our very own slimming ambassadors, and it is designed to help you set an achievable slimming goal, and accomplish and sustain your result for the long-term. It serves as a companion as you progress from losing weight to achieving a better-looking body that is shapelier, more toned, and more muscular. The weight management, fat reduction, and muscle toning treatments presented in the Halley Slimming Booklet will then allow you to further customise your treatment with us.

We also put together an online Halley Slimming Library, where you will find information that is available only to CoolSculpting clinics like Halley Medical Aesthetics and Halley Body Slimming Clinic. There are photos, videos, and information on not just CoolSculpting, but on all the other body treatments that we have in the Halley Group of Clinics to help you make an informed decision.

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